Blue Star CHFDD500MGPW 500 Liter Deep Freezer Double Door

MRP – ₹41200
Selling Price – ₹35900

  • Model – CHFDD500MGPW
  • Gross Capacity – 500 Liters
  • Net Capacity – 484 Liters
  • This is the Blue Star 500 Liter Deep freezer. It is a Double door deep freezer.
  • Heavy duty Deep freezers with robust construction. Lock and Key system available.
  • It has recessed handle for durability and easy handling.
  • 1 Year comprehensive warranty + 3 Years compressor Warranty
  • Meant for storing Frozen items only. Below 0 degrees items.
  • Heavy duty castor wheel at bottom.
  • This product comes ready to use and does not require installation. If you need a demo, contact Blue Star on Toll Free number – 1800 209 1177

Product Technical Specifications of 500 Liter Deep Freezer

Model NameCHFDD500MGPW 
Generic NameDeep Freezer
BrandBlue Star
ManufacturerBlue Star Limited
Door orientationTop Opening
Temprature Range in Deg C-24°C TO +8°C
Net Capacity484 Liters
Gross Capacity500 Liters
Finish TypeMatte
Number of DoorsDouble Door, 2 Door
Included Components1 unit, 1 Manual, 1 Warranty Card
Country of OriginIndia
ManufacturerBlue Star Limited, Kasturi Buildings, Mohan T Advani Chowk, Jamshedji Tata Road, Mumbai – 400 020
PackerBlue Star Limited, Kasturi Buildings, Mohan T Advani Chowk, Jamshedji Tata Road, Mumbai – 400 020
Weight65 Kilograms
Volume484 Liters
StyleHard Top Deep Freezer
Warranty1 Year Comprehensive Warranty
Additional Warranty3 Years Compressor Warranty
Warranty TypeOnsite warranty
Length164 Centimeters
Width67 Centimeters
Product Dimensions (W x D x H in cm)164 x 67 x 83.5 cm
RefrigerantR 290 
Compressor TypeStandard Compressor
HandleRecessed Handle
WheelsYes, Castor Wheels
Puf Thickness70 mm
Inner CabinetPP
Bluestar Customer  Care1800 209 1177

Product Description

This is the freezer with gross capacity of 500 liters majorly used for commercial purpose. This unit gives the temperature of -18 deg C suitable for maintaining the temperature. Now days, there are plenty of frozen foods options are available irrespective of vegetarian or Non vegetarian. Fruit pulps, green peas and ice creams are stored in this freezer. Growing demand of ice cream is fetching the attention of more and more customers and inculcating ice cream eating habits. This is a heavy duty for usage with corrosion resistant body and tropicalized for high ambient temperatures. The high density PUF insulation will help for better holding time as well as low power consumption. The net weight of the unit is close to 73 kg with the availability of lock facility. Heavy duty castors are useful for the easy movement of the unit. The inner cabinet is of anodized stucco aluminium with one basket inside to keep impulse products.

The unique sleek design with the size of (1640*670*835) mm can be easily placed anywhere in your house as well as in the shop. This model is majorly used in Kiran Store, Ice Cream retailer and distributors, Hotels, Restaurants’ and Cafes. This is with the top opening door facility, will ease the loading and unloading. The refrigeration technology is static refrigeration with manual defrosting. Being a bigger size unit, this model is also available in 2 doors with the single tank inside.

Ensure the long-term vitality of your frozen food products with the Bluestar CHF500A deep freezer. You can store large quantities of multiple products in this deep freezer as it has an enormous storage space of 500 litres. It will keep your packaged meats and vegetables, ready-to-cook dishes, dairy products, and more, safe and fresh to consume.

This freezer uses the R134a refrigerant for its cooling. This coolant is environment-friendly as it doesn’t harm the ozone layer, as compared to other coolants. Due to the PUF insulation layer, thermal leaking is avoided and hence your electricity bills will not be blown out of proportion.

The Bluestar CHF500A deep freezer is built with materials that last for a very long time. Different parts and components used in the deep freezer such as heavy duty wheels and pre-painted GP steel tank are built to withstand extreme circumstances for an uninterrupted performance. Moreover it comes with 1 year manufacture warranty.

Be it to store food, ice creams or to stock medicines the Blue Star 500 liter Deep Freezer is an ideal choice for a Deep Freezer. It proves to be useful not only for commercial purpose but also for domestic use. Blue Star 500 liter Deep Freezer comes at an affordable price range and has a lot of exciting features which make it worth every penny that you spend for it.

Blue Star 500 liter Deep Freezer is an energy efficient freezer which relies on innovative technology to cut down on power consumption. This turns out to be a much-needed aspect of a machine that is going to be plugged in 24/7.

Use the Bluestar CHF500A Deep Freezer to keep ready-to-cook meals, packaged meats, canned food and ice-creams fresh. This 230 V freezer has a thick PUF insulation for an energy-efficient cooling performance. Made from a heavy-duty material, this corrosion-resistant deep freezer ensures durability. Sleek and compact, this 500 L freezer offers ample storage space.

With BlueStar CHF500HGW, you can store a variety of food items in a spacious manner that were too difficult to store in your regular refrigerator. It allows you to store frozen food items like meat, packaged foods, ice cream, vegetables, and desserts for an extended period of time. The freezer helps in extending the shelf life of the food products while maintaining quality and taste, preventing freezer burn and the development of ice crystals.

Corrosion-resistant body

Corrosion-resistant body

Even if there is continuous exposure to moisture, there will be no rust or corrosion because the freezers are Pre-coated with protective zinc

Energy-efficient Compressor

You will not receive Exorbitant electricity bills because there is less energy consumption during functioning of 100 liter deep freezer

Heavy-Duty Casters Wheels

Even if you have a fully-loaded freezer/cooler, these versatile wheels are sturdy enough to hold it and convenient enough to move it.

Recessed Handles

There is reduced risk of Breakage when using recessed handles. It also does not occupy more space and is aesthetically more pleasing than protruding angles

Lockable Doors

No more fear of Unauthorized access. There is a lock and key mechanism which is ideal for outdoor products and long-term storage.

High Density PUF Insulation

Polyurethane foam insulation (PUF) to keep coolness locked in for longer – even if there are power cuts and extreme weather conditions.

Blue Star CHFDD500MGPW 500 Liter Deep Freezer Double Door - Deep Freezers

This is the Blue Star 500 Liter Deep Freezer. It is a Double Door Freezer. The model number is CHFDD500MGPW and it comes with prepainted sheet.


Product Brand: Blue Star

Product Currency: INR

Product Price: 35900

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